Synth/Electronica Pop newcomers MEDLOW burst onto the scene with their debut self-titled offering and with it hope to challenge what it means to be a hardworking, independent band in a mainstream world. Medlow consists of Gabriel White – Lead Vocals/Synth, Jordan Davidson – Guitar, Christian Mikkelsen – Bass, and Bobby Spencer – Drums. 

“This album is an evolution of what we were capable of. It felt like going back to school. In the beginning, we had no idea what we were doing,” explains Gabriel White, the contemplative frontman for Washington DC’s newest rockers. “These songs were born in moments where I was experiencing everything I was writing about. But, as my songwriting progressed, I started creating these stories around the world that I was in. I wanted to write about things other than where I was at the time. When you write so much about your own life, sometimes a despair can set in, and it can take you to places you fear.”

With inspirations like New Wave greats Depeche Mode and more recent contemporaries CHVRCHES and M83, MEDLOW are positioning themselves in an exciting genre with an impressive entry. From start to finish, the record is swarming with relevant compositions like Don’t Let Go, a song “about being naive, unable to see the end of a relationship is here. It’s a chant. Not letting go is the only thing keeping you chained down. It’s me ignoring reality,” White says. 

MEDLOW want to create a legacy. The frontman continues, “The work has just begun. This is our chance to discover the other sides of ourselves as artists. We can’t wait to get on the road, meet new people, see what we’re really capable of.”

Hear what the beginning sounds like. Check out their self-titled album MEDLOW,  on iTunes now. 

Medlow is now excited to announce the release of their brand new singles “I Don’t Want You”, and "Emotion". Share it with EVERYONE! “We’re back in the studio writing and preparing for a whole new album!”

Written by Gabriel White. Performed by Medlow. Produced by Luke White. "I Don't want You" Tracked by Tony Alany. Mixed by Mitch McCarthy. Mastered by Andy Van Dette.